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City of Benicia giving free pizza to young people getting their COVID-19 vaccines

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BENICIA, Calif. (KGO) — The city of Benicia is trying a new tactic to convince people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. They are offering young people their choice of a free pizza if they get vaccinated.

“This is a grant through our city economic development office partnering with five pizzerias. We asked the pizza places to pass out flyers to get out the word of this event,” said Maurio Giuliani, Benicia’s Deputy City Manager.

It worked.

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Indoor farming funding heats up

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The billions of dollars flowing into indoor ag, followed by news of a big announcement in regenerative farming, is yet more evidence of the furious pace of change we’re seeing in food production.

On the indoor side, the update comes in the form of details on a big vertical farm that the startup Plenty is building in Compton, California. The plans are impressive:

  • The 95,000 square feet facility will be as productive as 700 acres of farmland, according to CNN. In terms of land use, that’s more than 200 times as efficient.
  • A crop of leafy greens in the facility can go from seedling to harvest in two to three weeks, Plenty co-founder Nate Storey told LAist last year. That’s significantly faster than a regular outdoor growing schedule.
  • The facility will supply 100 grocery stores when production begins later this year

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A San Francisco company wants to help chefs sell home-cooked meals. The pandemic has held things up

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When the pandemic hit, Newark single mom Shereen Aly needed a Plan B.

She started cooking food from her native Egypt — chicken shawarma, masri koshari, fattoush salad — and selling it via Shef.com, an online marketplace for home cooks.

“I’ve been blessed ever since to be on this,” she said. “I’m able to balance being with my daughter and doing something I enjoy.”

Aly is among scores of people selling their culinary creations on Shef.com. Many hail from overseas; their profiles discuss their love of cooking and connections to their roots.

The San Francisco company, whose wares are available in parts of the Bay Area, New York and recently Seattle, said it’s served more than 400,000 meals in two years of operation.

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Making new service models work onsite food service

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When the coronavirus pandemic changed everything last spring, onsite dining programs were challenged with continuing to operate in an environment where many traditional service models such as self-serve bars no longer were feasible.

In response, operators either modified existing service outlets—for instance by converting self-serve stations to staff-serve—embraced or fast-tracked emerging new technologies such as mobile ordering and/or created whole new ways of service, such as the curbside meal distribution deployed by many school systems, impromptu mini grocers set up by hospitals to serve staff and even home-delivered meals to remote-working employees by business dining programs.

While the current pandemic will eventually pass, its effects on in-house dining programs are likely to last much longer, which means that the new service models developed and deployed during the course of the crisis will have to remain viable while offering an approximation of the same levels of service, convenience, quality and choice—and of course safety!—as before COVID-19

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California school district improves scratch-cooking program during pandemic

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By the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the student nutrition department of Vacaville Unified School District had transitioned two of its heat-and-serve kitchens into scratch-cooking hubs, the better to serve its 13,000 students. They had also forged relationships with local farms and started making progress on nutrition goals, such as limiting sugars.

While many school districts experienced setbacks to similar programs when the pandemic closed schools, Juan Cordon, director of student nutrition, says he felt driven to continue delivering scratch meals to students.

The combi ovens, tilt skillets, blast chillers and other kitchen equipment and technology they added—plus the time and resources to train staff to use it—are seen by the district as a worthwhile investment, not only for the long term but because it’s helped families weather this unpredictable year.

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Kosher deli, made to order in Vacaville this weekend

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Kosher deli food will be available by order in Vacaville this weekend.

“Many people, including the mayor of Vacaville, have been asking us to do this,” said Rabbi Chaim Zaklos, director of Chabad of Solano County. “While a full-time deli is not feasible at this time, an occasional pop-up might be. We’ll see how this goes.”

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Gold Mine: February 2020: California Burrito expands into Vacaville

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California Burrito in Vacaville. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)

VACAVILLE — California Burrito is one of the newest eateries in Vacaville.

Jaime Tobanche back in 2014 just wanted to be able to afford medication for his special needs child. He was working two jobs and struggling, but he had a dream for his future of owning a restaurant.

His first attempt at opening an eatery in downtown Sacramento was not exactly a success.

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Burger Patch to open second location in Davis

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DAVIS, Calif. — Burger Patch co-owners Danea and Philip Horn have decided to expand their operations to Davis in 2020.

Philip said that expanding in Northern California has always been a part of their plan when starting this vegan, comfort-food business. The new location will have many of the favorites from the original Burger Patch, but Philip Horn said they would have some different items on the menu, chiefly beer and wine.

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