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State Revokes Vacaville Barber’s License After He Broke Health Orders in Protest

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A local barber at the center of a high-profile fight over COVID-19 restrictions has just had his license suspended by the state — and says he would take the same stand all over again.

Juan Desmarais, owner of Primo’s Barbershop in Vacaville, said the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology sent him a letter saying that both his barber and establishment licenses have been permanently revoked, effective March 25.

The state says the move comes after he repeatedly defied a public health order in the spring by staying open when his shop should have been shut down. NBC Bay Area spoke with him several times as his fight unfolded.

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After half a century, Vacaville road-trip restaurant the Black Oak closes for good

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The Black Oak, a sentimental favorite along Interstate 80 in Vacaville for locals and travelers alike, has shut down permanently. (Black Oak Restaurant photo)

For many families, a drive between the Bay Area and Sacramento/Tahoe over the decades often meant a stop at one of the three legendary road-trip restaurants with gift shops off Interstate 80 in Vacaville.

But the original Nut Tree shut down years ago. Then the Coffee Tree closed, leaving the Black Oak as the restaurant of choice for fans of large, homestyle breakfasts and lunches served with a side of nostalgia.

Now the last of the trio is gone. The owners announced this week that the restaurant won’t reopen when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“It is with a very heavy heart and a saddened spirit that we must inform you that the Black Oak Restaurant will be closing permanently,” the owners posted in a farewell note on the Facebook page. “There have been so many wonderful memories and friendships formed at this restaurant that we are thankful for. … Words cannot express how much we have appreciated all of the support you and our staff have given us. We will miss all of you!”

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2021 Best Maternity Hospitals list mentions 4 Greater Sacramento facilities

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Greater Sacramento region won four mentions in a 2021 list of Best Maternity Hospitals.

Of those four hospitals, two of them are in Sacramento: UC Davis Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center. The other two hospitals, which are also part of Kaiser Permanente, are in Roseville and Vacaville.

The list released by Newsweek, along with The Leapfrog Group, says hospitals were mentioned if they met “Leapfrog’s high standards for safety and quality of maternity care.”

Nationally, about 700 women die every year as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In California, maternal mortality rates have decreased. Between 2006 to 2013, California’s rate of maternal mortality dropped by 55%.

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AHA News: What’s Safe Once You’ve Had Your COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Carl Bradford’s life got upended by the pandemic.

The Vacaville, California, artist lost chances to exhibit at galleries. He’s been unable to see his far-flung family or go to the gym. The 65-year-old steps out to volunteer with his church’s food pantry but stays carefully masked and distanced.

He’s also just had his second COVID-19 vaccine dose. So is he ready to resume his old life, maybe hop on a plane to see his children and grandchildren?


“Everybody’s trying to stay smart,” he said. The family made a pact: They won’t get together until they get the official all-clear from health experts.

And the official word is: Once you’re vaccinated, sit tight a while longer. Things will be better soon, experts say. But vaccination is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

“It would be lovely to think that that was the case,” said Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, a cardiologist, epidemiologist and chair of the department of preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. “But unfortunately, we’re not at the state in the science to understand that we can turn people loose after they’ve gotten both of their vaccinations.”

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Vacaville police chief to retire after 32 years at department

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Vacaville Police Chief John Carli will retire this spring after 32 years with the department.

Carli announced Friday that he’ll officially leave the force on Aril 16 but will stop working on Tuesday, when he’ll start using up some of his accumulated leave time.

Captain Ian Schmutzler will take over for Carli until an interim police chief is selected, police officials said.

Carli started his career with the department in 1989 as a patrol officer working with a K-9 partner.

Over the years, he was promoted through the ranks and has worked as a field training officer, detective and a supervisor for patrol teams, the Critical Incident Negotiation Team, the K9 Unit, firearms instructors and the Office of Professional Standards.

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Vacaville Museum gearing up for Nut Tree centennial exhibit

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Jeri Inman, Vacaville Museum volunteer, puts bulbs into a sign that was on display at the original Nut Tree Restaurant for an exhibit on the landmark eatery and roadster's 100th anniversary. The sign will hang above an original booth from the restaurant. The exhibit will open after Solano County is out of the red tier. (Nick Sestanovich -- The Reporter)

The year 2021 is going to mark a lot of significant milestones. For Vacaville residents, one of those will be the 100th anniversary of a local and state institution: the original Nut Tree.

What began as a fruit stand gave way to an iconic restaurant that pioneered California cuisine and an amusement center that brought joy to residents and road trip travelers alike and now is the home to a sprawling retail center. The Vacaville Museum is commemorating the anniversary of the original Nut Tree by showcasing the artifacts associated with it.

The exhibit will open once Solano County moves into the red tier — as indoor museums are not currently open to the public under current COVID-19 restrictions — but volunteers and museum staff are hard at work putting the items in place, which range from one of the original booths to artwork that was on display in the restaurant to the large stuffed animals on display in the original toy shop.

“What we’re doing is we’re recreating the Nut Tree experience here,” Museum Director Joanie Erickson said.

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New Vacaville online clothing retailer proving quite popular

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A model wears a "Hella Over it" shirt by Hella Shirt Co. The collection is the Vacaville online retailer's most popular and expresses people's dissatisfaction with the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues. (Contributed Photo -- Fearon DeWeese)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fearon DeWeese was laid off from her job, an occurrence that has become far too common for many people over the last year. However, the Vacaville native was determined to find another avenue to continue working while also spending time with her family.

You might even say she was hella determined.

DeWeese and her husband, Chris, decided that avenue should be selling shirts online that pay tribute to their Northern California heritage. Naturally, they named their business Hella Shirt Co., and they launched it last October.

“Together, we came up with a word that brought us back to our youth and days in high school and junior high when everything was hella rad and hella cool and hella dope,” Fearon said. “It just kind of grew from there.”

“Hella,” as anyone who has attended middle or high schools in Northern California over the last five decades can attest, is a slang term used as a synonym for “extremely,” e.g., “That movie was hella cool.” The word has also seen usage that has brought it beyond the boundaries of Nor. Cal, such as on No Doubt’s 2002 hit “Hella Good” or a 1998 episode of “South Park” where Eric Cartman uses the word frequently.

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Sacramento-area families frustrated about lack of updates on reopening schools

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Parents and students are growing more frustrated with not being able to go back to school.

“We are hoping we can go back to school,” Alyssa Mandell, 14, told FOX40.

“Our children want to be in school, in person, and this is as close as they can get,” added parent Marlina Edmonds.

Dozens of Vacaville High School students and parents showed up on campus Wednesday to show the school district they can be safe while learning.

Parents and students said this is coming from built-up frustration of not being able to physically go to school to learn for about a year.

“We all want to reopen schools safely, but we also do not want to put our students and staff at risk,” said Sacramento City Teachers Association President David Fisher.

Fisher told FOX40 the SCTA has created its own framework on how they would go about reopening their campuses.

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Vacaville woman hospitalized with COVID-19 faces $1.3 million in medical bills

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It was bad enough that Patricia Mason’s husband rushed her to the emergency room on his birthday and didn’t see her again for nearly a month.

That she was transferred in the middle of the night to a different hospital, one that could better care for her deteriorating condition, and that her husband had no idea where she was or even how to find her.

That her doctor called him two days later to break the news. His wife, the physician said, had less than a 30% chance of surviving COVID-19.

Then the medical bills began to arrive. The grand total to save the 51-year-old woman’s life: $1,339,181.94.

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Next stop at the Vacaville Museum: Nut Tree USA

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VACAVILLE — Guess who is turning 100 this year?

Solano County’s beloved original Nut Tree.

The Power family started a roadside fruit stand in July 1921 that would become California’s favorite road stop and put Solano County on the map for travelers all over the country.

The Vacaville Museum is leading the community celebration with an exhibit and events that will bring out the child in anyone.

The Nut Tree Centennial exhibit is in process and will be ready to open for visitors as soon as health regulations allow.

The exhibit will feature all things original Nut Tree, including displays of the restaurant, retail shops and the post office. The colorful art of Nut Tree graphic artists, led by Don Birrell, will be displayed throughout the exhibit.

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