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Back-to-school giveaway sees flood of recipients

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Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD — Bethel Community Church joined Saturday with the city and the Fairfield Community Services Foundation for a well-received giveaway event, providing school supplies and reusable masks to local families.

Cars were lined up along East Tabor Avenue to gain entry to Bethel’s busy parking lot to pick up supplies during the two-hour drive-thru event.

Sullina Sanchez, who works with the Fairfield City Manager’s Office and was volunteering at the event, said volunteers had gathered 2,000 adult masks, 700 youth-sized masks, hand sanitizer and 624 backpacks filled with school supplies. Sanchez said she was “excited to come together to help the community, especially in these hard times.”

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Solano health care workers protest over PPE concerns

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Picture Source: Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic

VACAVILLE — Becky Cherry-May, a registered nurse for Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center, is concerned for the safety of patients and nurses at the hospital because of the reuse of personal protective equipmentthe concerns are underscored by Covid-19.

She along with other members of the California Nurses Association and the Caregiver and Health Care Employees Union who work as registered nurses, respiratory therapists, lab and other technicians held a protest Wednesday at Kaiser Permanente’s hospitals in Vacaville and Vallejo as well as Sutter Health’s facility in Vallejo.

It was part of a much larger information campaign.

“When you see us on the outside of the building like this, you know there is something wrong on the inside,” Cherry-May said.

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Solano to turn businesses that skirt Covid-19 rules over to state

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FAIRFIELD — Businesses in Solano County that receive three valid complaints for not complying with Covid-19 regulations are being turned over to a state task force for possible action.

Terry Schmidtbauer, the interim director of the Department of Resource Management, told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that the action is new for the county. It comes at a time when Solano County is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases and is receiving more and more complaints.

The announcement followed comments from Carol Kalamaras, past president of the California Retired Teachers Association, Division 24, of Solano County, who read a letter from the group’s executive board that sharply criticized the Board of Supervisors for failing to enforce the Covid-19 regulations.

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Solano County: COVID patients may return to work after 10 days, even with ‘lingering symptoms’

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Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Solano County issued new guidance to residents Tuesday, stating that employees in the county who test positive for COVID-19 may return to work after isolating for 10 days, whether or not they continue to exhibit symptoms of the disease caused by the virus. Typical symptoms may include coughing, fever, or respiratory issues.

“Anyone who tested positive and has isolated for 10 days from the date that their symptoms began is no longer infectious, even if some may have lingering symptoms,” said Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County Health Officer. “We understand that businesses have concerns about employees returning to the workplace; however, re-testing is unnecessary to prove that employees can no longer spread the disease. Once the 10-day isolation has been completed, employees may return to work.”

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Coronavirus: Communal outdoor dining comes to Dixon

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Joel Rosenbaum — The Reporter

It is no secret that restaurants have been struggling in the age of the coronavirus. Those that have survived are getting by with takeout or delivery models and with the California government extending its stay-at-home order to allow outdoor dining at restaurants, this has become another way for businesses to attract customers.

In many instances, this has meant changing city code to extend outdoor dining areas to parking space, courtyards or parks. For Dixon, this has meant establishing a communal space for patrons of different restaurants to eat and drink.

Dawson’s Bar & Grill, with support from the city and Downtown Dixon Business Association (DDBA), recently set up an outdoor eating area on the city-owned Ferguson Alley off West A Street for patrons to enjoy the takeout they ordered from Dawson’s and other downtown restaurants in a shaded space that allows for outdoor dining and social distancing.

Jill Orr, the owner of Dawson’s and president of DDBA’s Board of Directors, said the goal was to provide more outdoor seating.

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Pavement work on I-80 on-, off-ramps set this week in Vacaville

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FAIRFIELD — Pavement work on Interstate 80 and Interstate 780 that started Monday night will continue overnight through early Friday in the Vacaville area, the state Department of Transportation announced over the weekend.

Here is the schedule:

During the off-ramp closures, motorist traveling on eastbound I-80 are encouraged to use the exit that follows the closure. During on-ramp closures, detour signs will be posted.

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Vet appointment really does feel like home with Visiting Vets

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Source: Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic

VACAVILLE — Sybill Murray hated just about everything about working in a veterinarian clinic – from the hard floors to the long hours making someone else money.

So Murray, who earned her doctorate in veterinarian medicine from the University of California, Davis, has eliminated clinics from her practice. She makes house calls.

“I did clinic medicine until about 1995, so about 12 years. It’s fine, but I didn’t like it. When you are in the clinic, you work 10, 12 hours a day inside,” said Murray, who turned 70 in June. She moved to Vacaville from Suisun City in May. She had lived in Suisun since 1990.

“It was really a nightmare and I was trying to raise children and I never saw them,” she said. “And I wasn’t making any money as a clinician. . . . And I wanted to be my own boss, but I didn’t want to buy a clinic.”

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Coronavirus: Dixon teachers union protests against requirement to teach from classrooms

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Joel Rosenbaum — The Reporter

Honks could be heard throughout downtown Dixon Monday as members of the Dixon Teachers Association tried to advocate for a learning model that would allow teachers to teach from home instead of just the classroom.

At its July 16 meeting, the Dixon school board voted to approve a distance learning model to kick off the 2020-21 school year, where students would receive lessons from teachers through videoconferencing sites like Zoom as campuses remain closed because of the coronavirus. The following day, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered that schools in counties on the state watchlist for coronavirus cases must begin the school year with distance learning and remain in that format until the county has been off the watchlist for more than 14 consecutive days.

The district is planning to reopen later in the year once it is safe to do so, but it will still have the option for students to learn from home. Included in the original plan was for teachers and other staff to conduct distance learning from their classrooms.

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Invasion Of Privacy? Police Catching More Criminals With Community License Plate Reader Cameras

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VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Vacaville Police tracked down yet another stolen vehicle out of Stockton and made another arrest with the help of community cameras equipped with License Plate Recognition or LPR cameras.

Gary Elliott showed CBS13 how the cameras work. His homeowner’s association bought several recently that are now posted throughout his Vacaville neighborhood. They already lead Vacaville Police to two suspects in a stolen vehicle with stolen items and shaved keys to possibly steal more.

“It looked to me like they were potentially looking, casing the place to steal another care or something so. So not two weeks after we installed the cameras, they paid off,” said Elliott.

Attorney David Mastagni worries such technology is an invasion of privacy.

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Vacaville Private School Plans For On-Campus Instruction To Begin School Year

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VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Vacaville Christian Schools said it is planning to reopen with full-time on-campus instruction when the school year begins later this month.

Head of School Ben Davis said in a letter to the community that he feels confident in the anticipated Aug. 24 school start date. In his letter, Davis also covered the topic of face coverings.

“We also understand that wearing face masks has created quite a bit of concern amongst families in our community,” he said. “VCS will only require face masks if it is mandated and only to the extent needed to meet minimum county and state requirements. We will partner as much as possible with families who are not comfortable with face masks should this county requirement be in place.”

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