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Nurse’s husband organizes drive-by thank you in Kaiser Permanente parking lot

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — As a registered nurse, Becky Cherry-May already has a stressful job but now with the current coronavirus pandemic, anxiety levels are even higher.

“We are anticipating a deluge of people who are very sick and have the potential to make us very sick,” Cherry-May told FOX40. “These are scary times.”

Cherry-May’s husband, Allen May, said the couple has even separated themselves in their own household for fear his wife could contract the virus and give it to him. While together time on their couch is on hold, a line has been drawn.

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High school choir in Vacaville puts together YouTube performance

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Teachers throughout the state are diving into ways to develop online learning methods. But what can they do when what’s being taught requires interacting with others?

The Sylvan Singers at Will C. Wood High School in Vacaville live for performing on stage, like at last year’s spring concert. But the whole idea is to feed off one another, which is not possible now that classes and rehearsals are canceled.

“We are starting to feel the isolation and the impact of the quarantine for sure,” said Colby Hawkins, the director of choirs for the Vacaville Unified School District.

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Dad takes on teacher role during school shutdown

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VACAVILLE — It almost sounds like a sitcom. A construction worker becomes a teacher for three different grade levels.

It’s reality for Nate Reyes of Vacaville, thanks to Covid-19.

Each weekday, for a few hours, he works with his stepdaughter Riley Allesch, daughter Lilly Reyes and son Jaxson Reyes. Riley is a fifth-grader, Lilly a second-grader and Jaxson is in kindergarten.

All attend Alamo Elementary School.

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Local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings turn to the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The stay at home order from California Governor Gavin Newsome which was issued on March 19, had a devastating effect on those working Twelve Step programs to achieve and maintain sobriety. Groups that are no longer able to congregate due to the Coronavirus outbreak scrambled to find a way to stay connect as well as provide a means for newcomers to join them.

They found it on the internet. While there have been numerous web-based recovery meetings for years, with so many people stuck at home the numbers have increased exponentially. The provider of choice appears to be Zoom, an internet teleconferencing company.

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Vacaville restaurant Hank & Hazel’s opens for the first time during coronavirus pandemic

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VACAVILLE, Calif. — Months before the coronavirus outbreak, Sarah Harper had dreams of opening “Hank and Hazel’s” with her husband. The couple bought the restaurant on 501 Merchant Street in Vacaville a year ago.

The grand opening date for the new restaurant was projected for March 17, 2020. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered people across the state to stay at home the day after the grand opening.

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Solano seamstresses make masks at record pace

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VACAVILLE — Sheri Haynes wasn’t surprised at the overwhelming support she received recently via a few Facebook posts.

Eight years ago, prior to a trip to Africa, she sought quilts to take and share. Haynes got almost 400.

“People are good about these kinds of things,” she said. “It brings out their goodness.”

When she heard hospitals were low on masks for health care providers, Haynes went out with her daughter Paige Wardel to purchase some fabric.

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Coronavirus: Vacaville City Council approves local emergency declaration

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The Vacaville City Council unanimously approved a local emergency proclamation by then-City Manager Jeremy Craig in response to the global coronavirus pandemic at Tuesday’s meeting.

As with all meetings lately, the Vacaville City Council operated differently than usual to maintain social distancing guidelines. Council members Mitch Mashburn and Nolan Sullivan were seated in the area usually reserved for the city attorney and city clerk — rather than on the main dais, where Mayor Ron Rowlett and Vice Mayor Raymond Beaty were seated, Councilwoman Dilenna Harris participated over the phone, and the local emergency proclamation was the only business item on the agenda, with the meeting wrapping up within 20 minutes.

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City asking residents to practice effective social distancing at parks

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The City of Vacaville is asking all of its residents to remember to practice and follow effective social distancing guidelines when visiting one of our many beautiful parks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With spring in full bloom and the weather improving on a daily basis, parks in Vacaville seem like a great place to escape the pressures of the current COVID-19 shelter at home orders that are in place, and they are. But at the same time, we all still need to maintain effective social distance protocols to assure a safe, healthy experience at places like Lagoon Valley, Andrews Park and other favorite neighborhood spots.

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600 miles across Ireland – the last run – for Vacaville native

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(Noah Coughlan/Courtesy photo)

VACAVILLE — Noah Coughlan is grateful to be home.

The Vacaville native completed a 600-mile run across Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

He departed Feb. 15 from Cobh, Ireland, the same location from which his grandfather emigrated to America 115 years ago.

Coughlan, who splits his time between Vacaville, Nashville and the nation’s capital, did the run in one pair of New Balance shoes.

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