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Outgunned: Why California’s groundbreaking firearms law is failing

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Two decades ago, California legislators added a new weapon to the state’s growing arsenal of gun-control measures, already among the toughest in the nation. Their motivation came from 2,000 miles away in a shaken Chicago suburb.

It was there that a gunman opened fire in an engine factory where he’d worked for nearly 40 years. He killed four people and wounded four others before pulling the trigger on himself. It was soon revealed that some of the weapons he smuggled inside should have been earlier confiscated because of his past criminal convictions.

In the wake of the rampage, and with lofty expectations, California became the first state in the country to create a database identifying thousands of people who’d legally purchased guns but were now deemed too dangerous to be armed.

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Vacaville police selling ‘pink patches’ for cancer needs

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VACAVILLE — The Vacaville Police Department has special “Pink Patches” for sale to all who wish to support those battling cancer.

The public can go to the Police Department and purchase the patches for $10 each (cash only).

For those out of the area, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and $10 (cash only) to Vacaville Police Department, c/o Casey Beck, 660 Merchant St., Vacaville, CA 95688.

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May 20 Arts and Entertainment Source: Vacaville farms offer lots of lavender

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Her name is Rose, but from May 29 to June 13, she’s all about lavender.

Rose Loveall-Sale of Morningsun Herb Farm and neighbor Alexis Koefoed of Soul Food Farm are back, partnering as Hierbas y Flores for the annual Lavender U-Pick Festival in Vacaville.

The neighboring farms started planting lavender 10 years ago, “but it kept getting stopped by floods,” said Loveall-Sale by phone Monday morning.

Now on three separate areas — two for picking, one available for photographs and observing — the lavender fields have been the stars of a public “U-Pick” for three years.

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Vacaville Man Who Designed Star Wars Biker Scout Costume Honored By Cosplayers At Funeral

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VACAVILLE (CBS13) – May the 4th is a well-known and celebrated day for those with affection for all things Star Wars, but this year is different for some who are celebrating the storied saga.

What may seem a long time ago in a city not too far, far, away, Ira Keeler became one with the force; designing a cherished costume in the Star Wars franchise.

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Solano water agency extends support for salmon study in Lower Putah Creek

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VACAVILLE — The Solano County Water Agency has agreed to fund for another year the University of California, Davis salmon research on Lower Putah Creek.

“We will be able to use data from DNA comparisons to estimate how many Chinook salmon in Putah Creek originate from past spawners in the system. In addition, we will be able to track juvenile salmon migrations within and outside the system to understand their survival rates and outmigration dynamics, including potential methods for boosting survival,” Andrew Rypel, associate professor and the California Trout Chair in Coldwater Fish Ecology at UC Davis, said in a statement.

“Increasing understanding of the salmon run on Putah Creek is critical to managing the health of this ecosystem in the future,” Rypel said.

The Solano County Water Agency has agreed to pay an additional $285,459 through the end of the 2021-22 fiscal year to fund the ongoing study.

To date, the research has identified only a single salmon that may have been hatched in Putah Creek and returned to spawn, but other origins could not be ruled out.

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Dixon Pets Up For Adoption: Kimba, Koda & More

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Do you want to add a new member to your family and do something good for the Dixon community at the same time? Then you should consider adopting a pet from a local shelter or organization. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many local animals are still looking for their forever homes and animal shelters still working to fulfill adoptions and place pets with families.

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HAM certificate Solano training available in English, Spanish

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VACAVILLE — Training classes for anyone operating a Class C vehicle and carrying hazardous ag materials are available in English and Spanish.

Training is required within 90 days of hire and is renewed every three years. Upon completion of the class, attendees will need to submit their own application with a certificate of training to the California Highway Patrol, which will then issue the Hazardous Agriculture Materials certificate.

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California Boosts Resources Ahead Of Another Potentially Dangerous Wildfire Season

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Another potentially dangerous fire season is ahead in California, and the state is adding more resources to the frontlines.

Marci and Ken Albers are trying to move on from their past and focus on their future by building a brand new home where their old one once stood.

They both survived last year’s LNU Lightning Complex Wildfire with their two dogs, escaping their home just minutes before massive flames burned it to the ground.

“Most of the people, they got out with the shirt on their back like we did and that’s the upsetting part,” Ken said. “We didn’t have a chance to grab all of our photos or anything – the kind of stuff that’s irreplaceable.”

Cal Fire is now preparing for the worst after the state’s last wildfire season stretched resources thin.

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‘It gives you a little hope’: Wedding rings found in wildfire-ravaged home

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It’s tough to find a silver lining among all the devastating news related to California’s wildfires, but a Vacaville-area woman is thankful after discovering a glimmer of hope among the ashes of her home that was destroyed by wildfire this week.

With help from family, Chloe Carroll found her wedding rings among the rubble where her home once stood.

Early Wednesday morning Chloe, her husband and sons scrambled to leave their home as flames from the LNU Lightning Complex fires started tearing toward their land — a piece of property with two homes on it that’s been in her family for about 35 years.

“It looked like a tornado of flames,” Chloe said, describing the fire. “I have just never seen something move so fast… The flames were taller than trees.”

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Officials open evacuation areas in rural Fairfield, parts of rural Vacaville

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FAIRFIELD — Residents in rural Fairfield and portions of rural Vacaville were allowed to return to their homes midmorning Saturday after evacuation orders for the areas were lifted.

The areas now open in rural Vacaville include portions of Allendale and English Hills east of the existing fire perimeter.

The areas now open in rural Fairfield include rural Green Valley and rural Suisun Valley. An evacuation warning was also lifted for lower Green Valley, to include areas within the Fairfield city limits.

The area along Lyon Road in rural Fairfield remains closed.

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