Combating Coronavirus Cabin Fever, New RV Buyers Are Ready to Roam

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VACAVILLE (KPIX) — Kwai Kong is getting familiar with the RV he just purchased.

“This feels like a home,” Kong said.

Kong and his family are ready to roll as counties release the brakes on stay-at-home orders.

“It’s kind of like a cabin fever,” Kong said. “So we’re just doing it safely.”

They’re not the only ones. At Camping World, sales associate Robert Smith said COVID-19 is generating another kind of surge.

“Sales are through the roof right now,” Smith said.

RV sales have doubled from this time last year. The Vacaville store lot is normally full, with more than 200 RVs but, these days, it’s half empty. Camping World has sold about 40 RVs each week over the past three months.

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