Coronavirus: Vacaville schools hand out free meals, supplies during closures

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School in Vacaville may be out through at least March 27 due to the coronavirus, but the Vacaville Unified School District is continuing to ensure its students are not only well-fed but also well-equipped to continue learning.

Beginning Monday, VUSD has been dishing out free breakfasts and lunches at four of its sites to all its students. They also provided free school supplies and classwork.

For breakfast, students got to come with a variety of healthy options, including cereal, granola, yogurt parfait, a muffin or a bagel with cream cheese. For lunch, options included pizza, cheeseburgers, deli sandwiches with turkey and cheese, bean burritos and Caesar salad. All meals also came with fruit, vegetable and milk and were provided by each school’s food services staff.

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