County volunteers begin making phone calls to support older adults during COVID-19 pandemic

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SOLANO COUNTY – The County of Solano, in coordination with the seven cities, has started up the new COVID-19 Older Adult Resource Phone Line and begun making calls.  The phone line, staffed exclusively by volunteers, is intended to check-in on seniors age 60 years and older and those living with disabilities to see if they have adequate assistance and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Housed in the County’s Emergency Operations Center, a group of dedicated volunteers, including nursing students from Solano Community College, have begun calling and checking-in on hundreds of residents each day.  Older adults, including those living with disabilities, are at the highest risk of suffering health-related impacts from COVID-19.  These individuals may also be more isolated, making it difficult for family members and loved ones to check-in on, be present or care for them during the pandemic.

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