Farmers Fed Up With People Trespassing For Sunflower Selfies

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DIXON (CBS13) — Sunflower blooms can make the perfect picture and Solano County has become a destination for some photographers trying to capture the right shot.

Solano County farmer Spencer Bei farms 1,000 acres of sunflowers and around this time every year, his fields are busy with photographers and selfie seekers. He says cars are causing problems and each year it gets worse.

“The next thing you know they are in the canal or the ditch and the tow truck comes out,” Bei said.

Bei worries about liability issues when sunflower selfie seekers and photographers go onto his land for full-blown photoshoots and picnics. He is more worried this year with the COVID-19 crisis because nobody is wearing masks or social distancing. Not to mention, they leave behind trash and take what is not theirs.

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