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Hamilton’s ‘My Shot’ Been Adapted By CA Doctors To Convince People To Get Vaccinated

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The songs of Hamilton have been stuck in our heads since the Broadway musical was made available on Disney+ last summer. The Tony-winning show from Lin-Manuel Miranda has had its second wind of having a huge cultural moment since first debuting on the stage in 2015. It has become the inspiration for a YouTube music number adapted by North California physician Dr. Andrew Liu, who wrote a new version of “My Shot” to educate the public about getting their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The doctor, who practices in Vacaville, California, decided to remix one of the popular big numbers from Hamilton and create a music video to promote the importance of vaccines to make the COVID-19 pandemic a distant memory. He recruited his wife, Dr. Tuong-Vi Ha, and six other local healthcare workers to reimagine “My Shot.”

Physicians… they get the job done. It’s a super impressive video complete with new raps and lyrics to the song from the award-winning musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. They cleverly trade out the metaphorical “shot” of taking a chance with the two literal shots in the arms they hope everyone will decide to make an appointment to get done once it becomes locally available to them. The song switches out “young, scrappy and hungry” for ”down, tired and angry” to describe medical workers’ deposition following a year of treating 124 million cases worldwide and 2.73 million deaths.

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