How About Wind? California Explores Plan For Wind Energy Along Coast To Combat Climate Change.

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About an hour-and-a-half southwest of Sacramento, hundreds of nearly 20-stories tall windmills line the Montezuma Hills in Solano County. On back roads through these rolling peaks, the windmills’ shadows steadily move with the sun over farms, sheep and cows.

This mechanical forest alongside the Delta mirrors what California lawmakers want to replicate out on the ocean: an idea is being floated to allow wind turbines to be built about 20 miles off the coast from Santa Barbara to the Oregon border. It is seen by many as a necessary move to help California reach its climate goals — perhaps the most important carbon neutrality by 2045.

“The signs of the climate crisis are all around us,” said Assemblymember David Chiu, a Democrat from San Francisco. “With offshore wind, we have an opportunity to counter the threat of climate change, meet our clean energy goals and create thousands of new, good-paying jobs in the process.”

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