‘It’s going to look more like a surgical room’: What your next haircut will be like

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More than a month and a half into shelter in place in the Bay Area, many of us could really use a haircut.

Gov. Gavin Newsom plans to open the state in stages, and we’re currently in Stage 1. Stage 2 starts Friday and hair salons are in Stage 3, so it could be a while until you actually get a trim.

Even with an ambiguous timeline, many Bay Area salons have already begun preparing for the moment they can reopen, redesigning their spaces and looking to states like Georgia for learnings about future of cutting and coloring hair.

“The salon is going to look more like a surgical room than a hair salon,” said Huy Le, owner of Revamp Salon in the Mission. “Staff will be taking client temperatures. They’ll have to wear masks. If a client shows any sign of illness or temperature we’ll have to immediately decline service.”

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