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The Vacaville Museum is planning a Nut Tree 100th Anniversary anniversary and festivities -- working, of course, around COVID-19. (Courtesy photo)

January 28, Arts and Entertainment Source: Vacaville, Vallejo Naval museums keeping the lights on

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There’s little denying that museum visitors and volunteers tend to be, um, born around the middle of the last century.

Basically, they’re seniors. While “young seniors” are discount candidates at the movie theaters, others packing a Medicare card are jockeying for position in securing a COVID-19 vaccination.

And that’s good news for the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum and the Vacaville Museum.

Of course, while the museums remained on lockdown, it’s moot for indoor visits. At least transitioning from shelter-in-place to a “purple tier” allows for outdoor events, and that’s a bit of sunshine after a year of gloom.

“We are still closed until we move into the red designation,” said Jim Kern, executive director of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, but the annual fundraising Garden Tour is in the books for Sunday, May 16.

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