A model wears a "Hella Over it" shirt by Hella Shirt Co. The collection is the Vacaville online retailer's most popular and expresses people's dissatisfaction with the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues. (Contributed Photo -- Fearon DeWeese)

New Vacaville online clothing retailer proving quite popular

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fearon DeWeese was laid off from her job, an occurrence that has become far too common for many people over the last year. However, the Vacaville native was determined to find another avenue to continue working while also spending time with her family.

You might even say she was hella determined.

DeWeese and her husband, Chris, decided that avenue should be selling shirts online that pay tribute to their Northern California heritage. Naturally, they named their business Hella Shirt Co., and they launched it last October.

“Together, we came up with a word that brought us back to our youth and days in high school and junior high when everything was hella rad and hella cool and hella dope,” Fearon said. “It just kind of grew from there.”

“Hella,” as anyone who has attended middle or high schools in Northern California over the last five decades can attest, is a slang term used as a synonym for “extremely,” e.g., “That movie was hella cool.” The word has also seen usage that has brought it beyond the boundaries of Nor. Cal, such as on No Doubt’s 2002 hit “Hella Good” or a 1998 episode of “South Park” where Eric Cartman uses the word frequently.

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