Owner Of Solano County Island Fined $2.8M For Illegal Levee Repairs

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SOLANO COUNTY (CBS SF) – A man accused of illegally repairing a levee and damaging sensitive aquatic habitat in the Suisun Marsh is facing a $2.8 million fine following a California appeals court decision last month.

John Sweeney, who ran a kiteboarding club on Point Buckler Island in Solano County after buying it in 2011, must also abide by a cleanup and abatement order that requires him to restore the marshlands and tidal channels damaged during the levee work.

The 39-acre island in Grizzly Bay had previously been used by duck hunters and was surrounded by a levee that had fallen into disrepair, according to documents filed in California’s First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco.

Sweeney wanted to build the earthen berms back up in order to once again promote duck hunting on the island.

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