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Solano County officially expands vaccine eligibility to individuals age 16 and older

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Starting Wednesday, Solano County is expanding vaccine eligibility to individuals living or working in Solano County who are age 16 and older, in accordance with state guidance to expand eligibility to all Californians in this age group.

“We are pleased to expand eligibility to all community members age 16 and older in Solano County,” said
Bela T. Matyas, M.D., M.P.H., Solano County Health Officer in a news release. “With the temporary pause in providing the J&J vaccine, appointments for first vaccine doses may continue to be limited.

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How to escape a pandemic: It involves a converted Suburban and heading home

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My plan was to escape COVID-19 in 2021 by converting my dad’s old Suburban into a camper van, then travel to Seattle. I learned that while you can’t drive away from a global pandemic, it is possible to make a home anywhere.

After a year of not going anywhere, and feeling a lot like a hamster on a wheel to nowhere, I just needed to get out. I wanted to mark the start of 2021 with something crazy, unforgettable, different.

COVID-19 has both trapped us at home and also taken away our homes. Before contracting the virus in March, 2020, in my tiny flat in England, I researched international human rights law as a graduate student. Every day, I was involved in conversations about the legal rights of asylum seekers, international relations, the plight of the environment. I was marching, protesting, participating in Extinction Rebellion and volunteering in refugee camps.

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Solano’s Covid-19 case increases getting smaller

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FAIRFIELD — Solano County on Wednesday experienced another decline in the daily increases of Covid-19 cases.

The Public Health Division reported 177 new cases, down from the four-day average of 288 cases experienced from Saturday through Tuesday.

The total number of cases is 25,983.

“I’m cautiously optimistic we are post-peak,” Dr. Bela Matyas, the county public health officer, said in a phone interview, “which would allow us to come off the health order.”

That, he said, would mean opening more businesses and allowing more schools to reopen.

But Matyas said there have been glitches in the numbers reporting, so he still wants to wait to make sure it is a trend.

Another good sign for the county was the step up in the intensive care unit capacity, which was reported at 28%. It was 24% Tuesday.

The seven-day positivity testing rate, however, inched up from 21.3% to 21.7%.

The county also reported its 107th deaths that’s attributed at least in part to Covid-19, and hospitalizations increased by one to 156, the county reported.

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Firefighters, EMTs aid exhausted staff at hospital

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PETALUMA, CA (KPIX) — Two weeks ago, the staff at Petaluma Valley Hospital started getting vaccinated. This week, they’ve gotten more good news: Three firefighter-paramedics and six EMTs on loan from Solano County.

“Normally, I’d be wearing turnouts or my wildfire gear, or my Class A uniform,” says Will Coelho of the Rio Vista Fire Department. “But we’ve all switched over to scrubs to kind of wear a different hat, if you will.”

Coelho is doing some commuting, and revisiting the 100 hours of clinical work he did years ago as part of his paramedic training.

“Starting IVs, taking vitals, doing blood draws, patient transfers,” Coelho said. “Helping these nurses out in any way that we can.”

“You know, the staff are exhausted,” said Wendi Thomas, the hospital’s Director of Nursing. “The leadership is exhausted. We were really trying to get creative so we have been asking the county for help.”

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California’s COVID Enforcement Strategy: Education Over Citations

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Nearly six months since Gov. Gavin Newsom promised to target businesses that are flagrantly violating public health orders to control the spread of COVID-19, California regulators have issued just 424 citations and suspended two business licenses as of Monday, according to data from 10 state regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Instead of strictly penalizing businesses for violations, the Democratic governor and businessman with a portfolio of wineries, bars and restaurants under the brand name PlumpJack, has relied on educating owners about infectious disease mandates. State agencies have contacted establishments primarily by email, sending them 1.3 million messages since July 1 to urge them to comply with state and local public health rules.

Enforcement at bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as among the highest-risk environments for COVID transmission, has been limited, data shows. The state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which can issue criminal misdemeanor citations, fine businesses and revoke liquor licenses, has issued just 45 citations against bars and 119 against restaurants since July. No fines have been issued or licenses revoked for the 94,000 businesses it regulates.

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Protesters bring message to Vacaville: Release prisoners

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Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic

VACAVILLE — Natia Woodfork lives in San Jose. Her husband has been incarcerated at the California State Prison-Solano for 17 years. This is the first time they have faced something like Covid-19, which has made it to the prisons, and she is worried.

“They gave the prisoners three masks. That was three months ago,” she said Wednesday in Vacaville. “That is it. They aren’t washing things down with bleach, no nothing.”

Woodfork started We are the Voices to try to end the mass incarcerations of prisoners and end life in prison without the possibility of parole, which is what her husband was sentenced to when he was 19.

Members began protesting early Wednesday at the California State Prison-Solano. They continued protesting through the afternoon at California Medical Facility, ending at City Hall in Vacaville.

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State reporting glitch might keep Solano on state watch list

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Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD — The statement came as a bit of a surprise.

Dr. Bela Matyas, the Solano County public health officer, told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that if it was not for the state reporting glitch on Covid-19 testing, the county could be close to being removed from the state watch list.

That would create the prospect of having more businesses reopen and get elementary schools closer to in-classroom instruction.

But because of the glitch, involving about 300,000 cases statewide, the Covid-19 numbers simply cannot be trusted.

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Solano to turn businesses that skirt Covid-19 rules over to state

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FAIRFIELD — Businesses in Solano County that receive three valid complaints for not complying with Covid-19 regulations are being turned over to a state task force for possible action.

Terry Schmidtbauer, the interim director of the Department of Resource Management, told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that the action is new for the county. It comes at a time when Solano County is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases and is receiving more and more complaints.

The announcement followed comments from Carol Kalamaras, past president of the California Retired Teachers Association, Division 24, of Solano County, who read a letter from the group’s executive board that sharply criticized the Board of Supervisors for failing to enforce the Covid-19 regulations.

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Solano County: COVID patients may return to work after 10 days, even with ‘lingering symptoms’

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Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Solano County issued new guidance to residents Tuesday, stating that employees in the county who test positive for COVID-19 may return to work after isolating for 10 days, whether or not they continue to exhibit symptoms of the disease caused by the virus. Typical symptoms may include coughing, fever, or respiratory issues.

“Anyone who tested positive and has isolated for 10 days from the date that their symptoms began is no longer infectious, even if some may have lingering symptoms,” said Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County Health Officer. “We understand that businesses have concerns about employees returning to the workplace; however, re-testing is unnecessary to prove that employees can no longer spread the disease. Once the 10-day isolation has been completed, employees may return to work.”

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State agents issue misdemeanor citations to Benicia, Vacaville, Vallejo businesses for coronavirus violations

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Agents with the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control conducted compliance sweeps throughout Northern California earlier this month and found several eateries, including in Solano County, in violation of coronavirus guidelines.

John Carr, an ABC spokesman, said agents issued misdemeanor citations for violating state emergency health orders. A district attorney, he said, will determine whether to prosecute.

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