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Funtology Summer Camp

Trying to MAKEUP your mind about your future?

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Getting BLOWN away trying to decide about your future? SHAVE out some time and check out the Funtology Summer Camps offered at the PAL Career Café June 28 to July 1 from 11am-1pm.

Funtology is career readiness program that uses the cosmetology field to help students develop and explore their entrepreneurship skills and career readiness. Students will learn about the fundamentals of hair, beauty, barbering, nails and skin care as they explore the history and standards of the industry, work on personal branding, interpersonal skills, develop study skills, practice time management and problem solving and more. All participants will also be able to take the CliftonStrenghts talent assessment to discover what they naturally do best and learn how to develop their greatest talents to succeed in any career field.

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