The Last Laugh: Time for the 2021 Fairfield Fist Bump Awards, aka The Bumpies

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It’s time for the 2021 Fairfield Fist Bump Awards, affectionately known as “The Bumpies.” They are a tip of the hat or, more accurately, a gentle but deliberate meeting of the knuckles that celebrate certain segments of the Solano County seat.

I have been presenting these annually since their debut in 2013. Well, except for 2018 and 2020, which, for reasons beyond my control that I won’t go into, they were not presented (uh, I forgot).

Margarita López: With great sadness I present this Bumpie posthumously to Margarita, who died last week. She was such a vivacious person and absolutely beautiful. Margarita was one of those people whose beauty was not only measured by the outward favorable amalgam of her parents’ genes, but was also coupled with a radiant inner beauty that bubbled out from her infectious spirit.

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