Will C. Wood junior soccer standout Taylor Ford (front) stayed in shape for both soccer and volleyball. She hopes to play both in the compressed high school sports season. (Joel Rosenbaum -- The Reporter)

The pandemic: How high school athletes in Solano County coped

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When the coronavirus closed schools and discontinued high school sports last March, athletes had to find ways to stay motivated as they waited a year for sports to resume.

Some athletes, like runners, had to stay in shape or risk losing their previous level of attainment.

“I attended a level 2 USA Track and Field coaches certification,” said Shannon Bubar, head track and field coach at Vacaville Christian High School. “After just two weeks off there’s a reduction of 6 percent of VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize during intense exercise), a 19 percent reduction and a significant decrease in power after 30 to 63 days off, and a 25.7 percent reduction and a severe decrease in power after more than 63 days.”

Larry Hogue, head track and field coach at Vanden, echoed Bubar’s thoughts.

“With track you do have to condition,” he said. “Even if you go out and jog around the block once a day, at least it gets your heart rate and stamina up.”

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