Vacaville Planning Commission to further review city’s energy plan

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The Vacaville Planning Commission will revisit the city’s energy conservation strategy at a special meeting Tuesday.

According to a staff report by acting Community Development Director Fred Buderi, Senior Planner Christina Love and Traffic Engineer Gwen Owens, the City Council adopted the Environmental Impact Report for the city’s General Plan update as well as Energy and Conservation Action Strategy (ECAS) documents in 2015. The strategy seeks to improve environmental sustainability in Vacaville by developing a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve greater conservation of resources with regard to transportation and land use, energy, water, solid waste and open space in a manner that aligns with California’s goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The ECAS is required to be reviewed by the city every five years and updated as necessary to continue reducing emissions.

On July 1, Senate Bill 743 went into effect, requiring the state’s Office of Planning and Research to amend California Environmental Quality Act guidelines to revise the analysis of traffic impacts by removing the Level of Service standard and replacing it with Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).

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