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Officials open evacuation areas in rural Fairfield, parts of rural Vacaville

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FAIRFIELD — Residents in rural Fairfield and portions of rural Vacaville were allowed to return to their homes midmorning Saturday after evacuation orders for the areas were lifted.

The areas now open in rural Vacaville include portions of Allendale and English Hills east of the existing fire perimeter.

The areas now open in rural Fairfield include rural Green Valley and rural Suisun Valley. An evacuation warning was also lifted for lower Green Valley, to include areas within the Fairfield city limits.

The area along Lyon Road in rural Fairfield remains closed.

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Vacaville Man Says Neighbor Helped Save His Home As Fire Torched Property

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VACAVILLE (CBS13) – It’s probably some of the hardest steps to take and worst sights to see: gazing upon your property of nearly 20 years that now looks like a warzone.

Dilso Balthazar remembers waking up to bright light, thinking the sun had just come up, but it was only midnight.

“Looked at the clock and was like time to go to work and it was not. It was fire…and we evacuate,” Balthazar said.

Balthazar stayed behind to fight the fires. A lot of his contracting equipment and most of his property were lost in the blaze.

But there’s still one thing still standing after the fiery chaos — the thing everyone hopes survives:  home.

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Vacaville family flees home overnight as Hennessey Fire inched closer: ‘We just grabbed a bunch of clothes and jumped in the truck’

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — It’s a scenario all too familiar for Bay Area residents in recent years. As wildfires rage on and temperatures rise during this week’s heat wave, many across the the greater Bay Area are forced to gather their belongings and leave their homes, unsure of when they might return.

Gus Valerian, his wife Kersti and their 3-year-old twins, Lincoln and Emmy, awoke early Wednesday morning to knocking on the door of their Vacaville home.

It was time to evacuate as fire inched closer to their neighborhood at Pleasants Valley Road and Vaca Valley Road.

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State reporting glitch might keep Solano on state watch list

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Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD — The statement came as a bit of a surprise.

Dr. Bela Matyas, the Solano County public health officer, told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that if it was not for the state reporting glitch on Covid-19 testing, the county could be close to being removed from the state watch list.

That would create the prospect of having more businesses reopen and get elementary schools closer to in-classroom instruction.

But because of the glitch, involving about 300,000 cases statewide, the Covid-19 numbers simply cannot be trusted.

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Vet appointment really does feel like home with Visiting Vets

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Source: Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic

VACAVILLE — Sybill Murray hated just about everything about working in a veterinarian clinic – from the hard floors to the long hours making someone else money.

So Murray, who earned her doctorate in veterinarian medicine from the University of California, Davis, has eliminated clinics from her practice. She makes house calls.

“I did clinic medicine until about 1995, so about 12 years. It’s fine, but I didn’t like it. When you are in the clinic, you work 10, 12 hours a day inside,” said Murray, who turned 70 in June. She moved to Vacaville from Suisun City in May. She had lived in Suisun since 1990.

“It was really a nightmare and I was trying to raise children and I never saw them,” she said. “And I wasn’t making any money as a clinician. . . . And I wanted to be my own boss, but I didn’t want to buy a clinic.”

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Vacaville Allows Businesses To Operate Outdoors On Vacant City Property

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VACAVILLE (CBS13) – The Vacaville city council will allow certain businesses to operate at city-owned properties.

Businesses like gyms, places of worship, and barbershops in 29 California counties were told to cease indoor operations on July 13. That meant some businesses with outdoor space nearby could continue to operate, but others without that space were left without options.

Those businesses are now permitted to use parks, vacant areas, and vacant private parking lots to work.

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Vacaville’s Festival of Trees delights

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[Source: TheReporter.com]

A forest of decorated Christmas trees, homemade cakes and cookies and other edible delights and tables laden with seasonal crafts drew hundreds of celebrants Tuesday to the first of three days of the Festival of Trees in Vacaville.

Hundreds flowed into the Vacaville Recreation Center for the event, one of the city’s first events touting the joys of the holiday season.

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Countdown to tree 37

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[Source: TheReporter.com]

As clearly American as a painting by Norman Rockwell, Vacaville’s joy in the main tree will illuminate every corner of our hearts and our hearts for the 37th time on Tuesday. Before the rains came, there was a spectrum that PG&E could disconnect first. God free us. That was a new “what would happen if” on the 37-year list of “what could go wrong?” Will the tree appear? Will the p.a. system go south? Will the live camel of the Nativity be released and scare the carriages? To that I add, what happens if the switch is released and nothing happens? That has been my biggest fear for 36 years, long before the north winds, dry grass and power lines got in the way. When the crowd made a ten-to-one countdown, I closed my eyes and muttered: Lights, don’t fail us now.

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